Common Systems

Common Systems.


The UW System’s Common Systems Review Group (CSRG) was created in 1998 to provide oversight and leadership for large information technology systems used by all or most of the fifteen institutions in the University of Wisconsin System.  Each UW institution has a representative on CSRG, either a Chief Academic Officer, a Chief Business Officer or a Chief Information Officer.  By 2007 the CSRG has a portfolio of seven major common systems.  CSRG hired Strategic Initiatives, Inc. in 2007 to help it develop a long range plan, or information technology roadmap, to enable better decisions about adopting or rejecting new applications, to understand how ongoing applications might fit together to offer the best value for the investment, and to demonstrate how large cross-institutional IT projects might enable the UW System to better achieve its long-term business goals.

Council of Chief Information Officers

Its Mission: To serve the University of Wisconsin System institutions and the CIOs by providing leadership in the development and use of information technology. The Council supports the unique needs of each institution while providing a forum for the development of opportunities that become possible when the institutions work together. The Council promotes strategic partnership among the CIOs to enhance the CIO's effectiveness on their own campuses, throughout the UW System, and beyond.

Its Vision: To play a deliberate and visible leadership role in defining and enabling effective, efficient and affordable information and instructional technology service throughout the University of Wisconsin System.

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